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They “TRIED” All Right!

The last POST proposed the possibility that using the word “TRY” doesn’t always indicate a lack of commitment.

One example cited was a statement from Chris Paul, a member of the 2008 USA Olympic Basketball Team known as “The Redeem Team.” During his interview Chris Paul said, “We’re here to try and win the Gold.”

Here we are, 11 days later, and we have the results of the Gold Medal Basketball Game in Beijing between USA’s “Redeem Team” and Spain.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Redeem Team” has reclaimed its former moniker – they are once again “The Dream Team.

Spain was no pushover — they were tough opponents who had only lost 1 game in this Olympics – they had lost to the USA in an earlier round. The USA, there to “to try and win the Gold,” went undefeated through all the rounds.

Watch the video and enjoy the ecstatic faces of the USA Basketball Team – now “The Dream Team” – as they accept their Gold Medals and stand on the podium with great joy and pride, as they listen to their country’s National Anthem:

TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE: U.S. men get their basketball gold

Wow! INSPIRING! That’s a TEAM. And that’s the fruition of genuine commitment to a goal!

This video shows highlights of the basketball game itself, not the Gold Medal Awards Ceremony –

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  1. Atsuko

    Unfortunately, I can’t watch the Gold Medal Award Ceremony because my Mac is very old and not intel CPU… but I watched the You Tube!

    They “tried” and actually won. I guess “Winning” was their intention. Sometimes people say “I’ll try.” but behind the word, they think “I’ll try, but I’m not sure I can make it or not.” or “I’ll try, but probably it won’t be happen.” I think that Chris Paul said “try to win the Gold” and he believed they could win.

    Anyway, Congratulations to The Dream Team!!!