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“The Masters of the Productive Out” – Rays beat Phillies in Game 2 of the World Series!

The World Series, Major League Baseball’s own Octoberfest, started Wednesday, and the Cinderella Team, aka, the Tampa Bay Rays, lost to the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Phillies are a powerful team, loaded with talented athletes so it was no surprise. Just a little disappointing if you’re a Fairy Tale-ending kinda person.

Fortunately, any disappointment was short-lived, as Game 2 rolled around the very next evening, and the Rays beat the Phillies in stunning fashion – by making outs instead of by getting hits or hitting home runs.

Completely unorthodox, and how refreshing is that?!

Rays Game 2

By the way, the manager of the Rays, 54-year old Joe Maddon, sports a mohawk under his baseball cap, my only point being that unorthodox tactics in playing the game itself would not be all that surprising. Are you with me?

I never claimed to be an impartial sports reporter. I’m rooting for the Rays all the way.

But I will say this. Growing up on the East Coast in the 1950’s, I used to watch baseball games on TV with my Dad. His team was the New York Giants (moved to San Francisco in 1958), and the Giants were (and still are) in the National League.

The Tampa Bay Rays are in the American League, clearly demonstrating that I’ll root for the Cinderella Team all day long, no matter National or American League.

This is a great story unfolding. Lots of fun – for all ages!

Picture 6

Read the whole story at espn.com – this is an excellent article for baseball fans and non-fans alike!

How do you feel about a Cinderella Team? How do you feel about being unorthodox in your game play? Leave us a comment!

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