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Success Stories

“I wrote the business plan for Rich Dad Poor Dad and my board game, Cashflow, at a two-day goal setting workshop with Jayne Johnson, in January of 1996. Without Jayne’s goal setting technology, I doubt if Rich Dad Poor Dad would have become as successful as it is today. That two-day work shop has made me millions of dollars, over and over again.

In this class, she will teach you the secrets of her goal setting technology. In my opinion, it is the most powerful goal setting technology available today. Her process is important for anyone who is an achiever and who likes to get what they want in life. The best thing about her two-day work shop is that once you learn her technology, you can use it over and over again, which means you can continue to always get what you want. One of the reasons I usually get what I want is because I continually use her goal setting technology. If you are ready to get more of what you want out of life, then I highly recommend Jayne’s Goals Workshop.”

Robert Kiyosaki is also the creator of the CashFlow® Board Game, and author of many other educational, enlightening, and life-changing books, including Retire Young Retire Rich, Rich Kid Smart Kid,Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, Rich Dad’s CashFlow® Quadrant,Rich Dad’s Prophecy, Rich Dad’s Success Stories, Rich Dad’s The Business School, Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards, Who Took My Money?, Rich Dad’s Escape From the Rat Race graphic novel, and his latest title, Before You Quit Your Job.

Robert Kiyosaki, Author

I have worked with Jayne for many years. Yet when I took her Goals workshop I experienced a series of processes that I had never seen before that completely shifted my priorities, my goals and clarified my vision.

Since taking her program a couple months ago, our business has increased its normal revenue for the same period by over 387%! My staff and associates are all on the same page and we are firing on all cylinders. It’s as if someone took off the brake that I didn’t even know was there.

It’s not like any goals workshop you will ever see.”

– Blair Singer, Rich Dad Advisor and author of the best-seller, $ales Dogs and his latest title,The ABC’s of Building a Business Team That Wins

Blair Singer, Author

“In January 1996, our family participated in Jayne’s Goals Workshop. Four years ago I won my first PGA Tour Event and finished in the Top 60 of the PGA Money List. I know the clarity received from the Goals Workshop and the Clearing I have done has enabled me to have this success.

[Editor’s Note: In 2003 J.L. won the 84 Lumber Classic of Pennsylvania, and in 2004 tied for 9th at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, among many other major accomplishments.]

J.L. Lewis, J.L. Lewis, Pro Golfer and PGA Tournament Winner


More Success Stories

“On my plane flight home from Blair Singer’s Master Facilitator Program recently, I discovered Jayne Johnson’s Goals to Greatness talk on my iPod. Listening to it again was just an unbelievable experience – it really kicked me up a notch! Concise, useful and inspiring information that anyone can use to improve all areas of their lives. Thank you again for this valuable information, and thank you, Jayne, for being who you are!”
– Kevin Hocker, The Success Compass.

“I wanted to take a moment this morning and thank you for the seminar this past weekend. I have taken away so much and I feel that I now know my direction and can implement my process. Thank you.”
– Kathy Grady, Phoenix, AZ

“I was an attendee at the goal setting seminar last weekend. It was a wonderful experience. I know now that some of my “pie in the sky” dreams are actually attainable now. Thank you.
Thanks again for a wonderful learning experience in Phoenix.”
– Mary Prats, El Paso, TX

“I had heard of another person who attended Jayne’s Goal Workshop who created and achieved their goal of $20,000. I imagined what it would be like if I could do the same. So I decided to make it my top goal to deposit $20,000 into my bank account in one lump sum. I have to admit that I thought it was ridiculous! I truly did not believe it was possible for me. By the 2nd day of Jayne’s Goal Workshop I fully believed in my ability to achieve that goal, although I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do it. A few months later, I missed the mark. I deposited over $21,000 in my account in one lump sum!!! Thanks Jayne!!”
– Rob Marentette, Real Estate Investor, Phoenix, Arizona

“I wanted to say thank you so much for presenting your Goals workshop in Sydney, I really enjoyed it, I thought you were fantastic. I wish you lived here!”
– Mary Shannon, Australia

“Thank you so much for the insight and knowledge you provided to us during the workshop. I feel like a changed person!
Thanks again,”

“I have good news to share. I got the first investment property since I attended your goals workshop seminar in January, 2003. I had “to purchase one investment property in 2003,” and it was on the fifth of my 12 goals. It’s a duplex, and I’m now deciding tenants to rent out. Other goals of mine are also going forward, including some goals already achieved. I guess a power of the intention at the seminar makes this happen. Thank you for your help.”
– Tai, USA

“There are no words that I can describe the clarity in my mind and goals after the weekend we’ve spent with you. My wife and I would not have done it without your help. We sincerely acknowledge your teaching that had and will continue to make a big difference with our life now and the future.”
– Philip Chen, Perth, Australia

“I really learned at Goal-Setting Workshop and am excited about the way the four step distillation of goals worked for me. Also, the Blueprint for Success. I know I got what I came for.”
– S.R., USA

“Thank you so much for your presentation of the Goals Workshop. I had a fantastic weekend and got so much out of the course, personally and professionally.
Thank you again.
With love, best wishes and greatest respect,”
– Julianne Donovan, Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you sooooo much for another terrific Goals Workshop. I’m honored to be able to staff for you and I really got so much out of this weekend that I can take forward with me to catapult me toward my results!”
– Darby Totten, Higley, AZ

“I want to let you know (and surely you get hundreds of similar e-mails) that going to your workshop was one of the best things my life has brought me. I now believe in myself, know the goals I’m after, have met many people with similar feelings and am able to let go of the past. I have realised that all you have is yourself and you have put so many things into perspective. I guess you penetrated my “being” and challenged my belief system often created by others. I found you inspiring to the utmost and you have set the groundwork for many future endeavours. I can only offer you my thanks and success in all you do. If only you could bottle the power and energy generated in that room.”
– F.D., Australia

“Things are going exceptionally well and I just “know” I am on the right track. Thanks to your goals workshop…..I know it was powerful and I am seeing such great residual effects it is wonderful. It was a true gift….thank you.”
– D.C., USA

“When I began Clearing I was hoping to solve two big life issues: money and relationships. For years I had struggled with both of these, to no avail. Small, then bigger wins showed up for me almost immediately, once I began Clearing. The money kept showing up, like a miracle! Today my money situation has never been better, and is still improving. I have a relationship better than I could have ever imagined. I’m a walking testimony of the miracles created by Clearing – through Jayne! Thank you!!”
– Vickie Karp – CRS, Keller Williams Realty

“This is a quick note to say a personal Thank You now that I have completed traveling and am back on deck. I wanted to let you know that it was very moving and beneficial for me, I know I have gained a huge amount from your workshop and session and am already feeling both clearer in my thoughts and more positive. I look forward to seeing you again some time in the near future, and wish you all the best in all that you are doing. Thanks.”
– N.E., UK

“Working with you has been an incredible experience! The techniques you have taught us work in family matters, relationships & business. The results are incredible! Thank you for your patience and dedication in helping us. Love and gratitude,”
– Rodrigo & Isabel Lopez, Las Vegas, NV

” I found Jayne’s Workshop to be of enormous benefit. As a serving member of the Australian Defence Force, I began Jayne’s clinic feeling particularly comfortable with setting of personal and team goals, and planning the ways and means to achieve them. But as Jayne’s Workshop continued I was delighted to learn new techniques and skills in this area. With Jayne’s professional guidance I was able to determine unrealised goals that “real” me was bursting to achieve. I am quite proud in achieving the first six of my twelve initial goals; and I’m working steadily, and enjoyably, on the remaining. Thank you very much, Jayne Johnson.”
– Rob McLaren, Puckapunyal, Vic, Australia

“Wow, what a fantastic weekend! Thank you so much for your knowledge, inspiration and love. I thought I already had clarity around my goals, but your workshop blew that out of the water!! I now have such a clear path in my head (and in my life) regarding my goals for my life and it feels amazing!!! I thank you so so much.”
– Janie Walker, Coogee, Australia

“Thank you so much for a great weekend. I’ve thought about so many ways I wanted to tell you of the expanded awareness, love, and clarity that I experienced from and since the Sydney Goals Workshop, but my eleven year old son summed it up so clearly, he has just told me “mum since you you’ve come back from the Goals weekend you’re happy ALL the time, it’s really good!” It’s great to get that feedback from him, because that’s just what I’ve been feeling. Thank you so much for being you! You are such an inspiration.
Love and All The Best Always,”
– Annette Humzy, Australia

“Thanks for that thought provoking seminar in Sydney. I thank you for giving me the tools so as I have clarity when setting out my goals. Once again thanks for a terrific weekend.
God bless.”
– Warren TeRangi, Australia

“Thank you so much for sharing your life, your experiences and your processes with us during the Goals workshop. It really was a great event and although challenging at times was extremely worthwhile. I acknowledge your honesty, integrity and compassion, which were inspiring. My husband, and I attended the workshop together. It was a great experience for us as individuals and also as partners. We both practice as life coaches so we are continually in the environment of setting goals however your workshop enabled us to gain clarity around the priority of our goals and also to clarify our purposes and core principles, which is fantastic.”
– R.S., Australia

“The greatest compliment I can give to you is that you’ve made a difference for my family & myself. Thank You!!”
– Christiaan Carrillo, USA

“Thanks Jayne, for a powerful weekend. I particularly appreciated many of the moments when I became clearer on the process from your additional comments about your own experiences. I realized that a few of my goals were actual elements of my purpose. Thanks,”
– Dawn H., Phoenix, AZ

“Your workshop is the best I have ever attended in my life. I finally have a process that can free me from my past. Thank you for being an open book to us. You are a very special woman to me because you exuded love. It’s the first time I have felt no judgment or criticism.”
– Dr. R. Gathoni Maina, USA