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Understanding Life eBook

Understanding Life eBook


Understanding Life was written by Lawrence West, a Master of the Clearing Technology.

He also held a Masters Degree in Chemistry and was a scientist by nature. He researched extensively and experimented with care, caution and logic, as any good scientist would; therefore, he did not lightly make conclusions as to what technologies, techniques and processes produced the results for which people were (and are) looking.

I was introduced to Lawrence in January of 1983 and began my own journey on the Clearing Path. Lawrence was my teacher for 14 years, and the last 11 of those years we were husband and wife, life partners.

Over the course of almost 30 years, Lawrence West helped thousands of people to lead happy, successful, peaceful and powerful lives, lives that contribute to others, as well as to themselves. I know that his mission was to free Beings from the traps of the physical universe so that they could be who they are really are, powerful, happy and all-knowing Beings.

Lawrence West passed away in November of 1997, and although his body is no longer on this planet, he is here in spirit and still helping people, through his book, Understanding Life.

Over the years I’ve heard one miraculous story after the next as to how it has helped people, in many different and often surprising ways.

There is something special about this book, something almost magical about it.

I know it will add value and be helpful to you. Understanding Life is not available in stores at this time.

I invite you to order your copy today via this web site and make your next significant leap forward on your spiritual path.
-Jayne Johnson



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