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Pro Golfer J.P. Hayes’ Act of Honesty a Point of Controversy!

PGA Professional Golfer J.P. Hayes has been getting national attention for his act of honesty.

Last week Hayes realized that, while playing in a PGA tournament, he had inadvertently used a golf ball that was not on the list of officially-approved balls.

From a story on ESPN.com where Hayes turns himself in:

“Hayes had a choice: He could have said nothing and kept playing, with no one aware of his mistake. Or he could turn himself in and let his mistake cost him a 2009 PGA Tour card.

He chose the latter.”

His act of honesty means that Hayes is disqualified from playing in PGA Tournaments in 2009.

I first heard about this as I was driving and listening to two local sports radio guys discuss/argue about it.

One guy was OK with what Hayes did. “OK” means, you know, OK if he did turn himself in and OK if he didn’t.

The other argued passionately that Hayes should not have turned himself in, his reasoning being that:

A) no harm was done
B) Hayes would not ever have gotten caught

A radio caller acknowledged Hayes for demonstrating such a high level of integrity. The caller also said it was rather sad that an act of honesty would cause such amazement.

In the video below you can see that J.P. Hayes is pretty amazed, himself!

Interestingly, the radio guy against Hayes turning himself in could not hear what the caller was saying. So entrenched in his own rightness, there was no room in his paradigm to grasp the caller’s viewpoint.

What amazed me was the sports radio guy arguing against Hayes’ act of turning himself in, all the while completely oblivious to how dishonest he sounded as he made his points. Listening to him, you could think, “Uh, wouldn’t want to be your wife!

Well, no sense being righteous about it. The remedy is to ask, “When have I done that or something like that?” Acknowledging that allows for taking responsibility instead of getting in an uproar about how someone else is wrong about something. It’s a good lesson.

As for the issue at hand, kudos to J.P. Hayes! Your act of integrity is a gift to all of us!

From espn.com – “J.P. Hayes Disqualifies Himself From PGA Tour Event

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1 Response

  1. Tai

    This is a great story. I play golf since high school and I can see why people around him become so interested in the story because no one is watching. I also had one experience that I cheated in one hole and before the game is over, I confessed myself to add the score to keep my integrity. Yes, no one is watching, but I am!!!
    Thank you.