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My Top Ten Books – How They Increased My Awareness, Clarity & Power

Do you need a great book to read?

I have the honor of being an Advisor on a wonderful website called In10YearsBooks.

On my Top Ten Favorite Books list I share the books that have had a great impact on my life and how those books influenced me.

Choosing my Top Ten books was quite a process! Just like you, I’ve read tons of books over the years, all valuable and helpful in one way or another.

To trim that list down to the Top Ten was definitely a challenge, but a beneficial one that brought back to me the value of each and every book, not just the Top Ten. Wow!

Once I had my Top Ten books, I wrote a little synopsis for each one, and those are included with my list.

Believe me, that was another valuable process!

As I revisited each book in my mind, I was reminded of what the book was all about and how it had helped me to have more clarity, awareness, understanding, and increased power to change and improve my life.

I’m happy to share my 2008 Top Ten Book list with you! So grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a few minutes to check out my list of My Top Ten Books!

And please comment on this blog post! What are YOUR Top Ten Books? Please share with us!


By the way, other Advisors on in10YearsBooks include Dan Millman, author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, PGA Tournament Champion J.L. Lewis, and J.L. Lewis’ wife, Dawn Lewis. (you can sign up to receive notices when other Advisors are added). By the way, any books you buy via this website will help a charity I’ve selected.*

*CORRECTION 12/7: This last line, “By the way, any books you buy via this website will help a charity I’ve selected” should read, “By the way, any books from my Top Ten List that you buy via this website will help a charity I’ve selected.”

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3 Responses

  1. Phil Matheson

    Hi Jayne, that is a great list of books and now that I have spent some time reviewing yours I also compiled mine. As you say in your post a super exercise that really gets down to what you feed your brain in 2008!! So here is my list:

    1: “Law of Success” – Napoleon Hill. One of my all time favourites and constantly referred back to.
    2: “A New Earth” – Eckhart Tolle. This was my find of 2008 and the 10 week webcast with Oprah provided awesome clarity.
    3: “Eat Right for your Type” – Peter D’Adamo. He has followed this work up with “the Genotype Diet” that helps with living the longest, fullest and healthiest life possible.
    4: “The White Book” – Ramtha. Provides great clarity on “purpose” and aligns closely with “A New Earth”
    5: “You Can Heal Your Life” – Louise Hay. Great brain food and affirmations for wellbeing
    6: “Critical Path” – R Buckminster Fuller. Shows how each individual can respond to the unprecedented threats of the modern landscape.
    7: “Autobiography of a Yogi” – Parahansa Yogananda. His life story and how he introduced western society to meditation and yoga.
    8: “Slash” – Slash with Anthony Bozza. One of rocks greatest guitarists. A memoir of sex, drugs and rock n roll. This is an amazing story of survival.
    9: “Synchro Destiny” – Deepak Chopra. How to manifest abundance in your life through the spontaneous fulfilment of desire.
    10. “The $50 & Up Underground House Book” – Mike Oehler. Between this book and Fuller’s Geodesic Dome we are designing our new home.

    I am looking forward to working on the list for 2009 now!!


  2. Tai

    Thank you for the wonderful list. I just finished a trading book “The Disciplined Trader” by Mark Douglas about mental game, and I was looking for a new book. So, I checked your list and bought “The Richest Man in Babylon” via Amazon because it just had some attraction from your list!
    It was a quite success last year by completing the reading of “Critical Path” by Bucky. So, I’ll enjoy reading your recommendation=)

    It’s amazing how you trim your list to 10 books!!!