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MORE Tips for Increasing Holiday Harmony!

Recently I shared some tips with you for reducing stress and increasing holiday harmony. They were a big hit!

To review those tips from a couple weeks ago, see my Blog post Dec 3, 2007.


1. Ask for Help – Now here’s an amazing concept! For a variety of reasons, people often don’t like to ask for help. Sometimes we even think it takes too much time, and if we just plow ahead, we’ll get done faster. Questionable assumption. There are people in your life who would LOVE to help you – let them!

2. Prioritize Your To-Do list – A To-Do list creates order. Prioritizing your list takes it a step further and really helps you know what to do next, and then next, and then next. Great idea, and it was given to me by Kathy Grady, Director of Customer Service at the Rich Dad Company. Thanks, Kathy!

3. Music – What music makes you feel calm, happy, relaxed? Play it, sing along, play air guitar – whatever uplifts your mood!

4a. Prayer – Something simple Extra resources. Maybe not asking for anything. Just being still and connecting with a higher power. Expressing gratitude is always good.

4b. Meditation – Take a few moments and just sit still. Let the mind and body get quiet. Be present instead of in the past or future. It’s a nice little respite. An interval of peace. It makes a difference.

5. Know Your Own Rules and Stick to Them – You know what your own rules are. They may include your personal Code of Honor, your core principles, your beliefs; the rules and guidelines to which you hold yourself accountable. If you violate any of them, the consequences can be harsh because we do tend to punish ourselves far more than anyone else would! Know your rules and stick to them – that will maintain your equilibrium, even if things around you are rocking!

6. Celebrate Wins – A sincere pat on the back is well-received by anyone. Give someone else a pat on the back, and while you’re at it, give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge & celebrate your wins too!

7. Talk to Someone You Like & Trust – Talk to a person you like and trust. Talk about anything. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the person listens to you and understands, and you’re aware that they are listening and understanding. You’re not looking for someone to agree with you or disagree with you because either one can be draining. Just someone who will listen objectively. Ah!

8. Affirmations – Say positive statements over and over, silently or aloud. Avoid phraseology like this: I don’t feel stressed out anymore. Keep the wording positive, such as: I feel calm. Life is good. The holiday season is fun.

9. Put Some Distance between YOU and:

Negative people
Agitating situations
Violent or upsetting movies
Negative TV programs
Over-doing on caffeine and/or sugar
Rushing/being in a hurry
Pushing the body too hard
Going absent to avoid Facing/Handling

You may have thought of some more tips yourself. The main challenge is remembering to use them, so here’s an idea – make a sheet of them and hang them in your office, keep on your desk, paste on a mirror, or carry with you!

I hope these tips are helpful, and if you think of others, please post them here!