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Latest Fun – Wordle!

This is great fun – create your own Word Cloud!

I got this idea for making word clouds from my ingenious friend James Burgin, who told me about this website Wordle

It’s so easy! My first one I called Spiritual Sunshine :


Then I made another one about some of my Favorite Books.

Fav Books

The program at Wordle is SIMPLE to use, and I’d like to add, quite possibly addicting…. so be forewarned!

Total fun and creativity in one package. Great for kids too!

You just put in the words you want and end up with a little work of art!


1. Go to the Wordle website

2. Click “Create Your Own”

3. Easy way: Type words in the text box or paste in words – any order. Doesn’t matter.

4. If you want a word to stand out & be larger than the other words, just put it in the text box multiple times

5. If you want two words together, omit spaces between them. Exs: UnderstandingLife, ClearingWorks

6. Click “Go”

7. Then you see your word cloud and you have choices with “Edit, Language, font, layout, color.”


I learned this the hard way – I didn’t know how to get back to the text box to change something and had to start over. After that experience I copied and pasted all my words into a Word doc so I could reference it and copy/paste from it.

When you’re done, I suggest loading your word cloud onto the wordle gallery – you can do it anonymously. Once yours is in the gallery, get the URL for it so you can reference it/find it later. When it’s loaded into the Gallery, you’ll see the URL in your browser.

Your comments are welcome!
Click on the title at the top – “Latest Fun – Wordle!” – scroll to the bottom and there’s a text box where you can make your own comment about Word Clouds!

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2 Responses

  1. Clearly, this ‘fun’ tool has unlimited possibilities. Jayne, you have expanded my vision of what is possible – just like you always do. How awesome that ‘doodling’ can lead us to places we didn’t know we could ever go… Thank you.

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