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How I Said Goodbye & Thank You to Paul Newman

Paul NewmanYesterday I was in Costco in north Scottsdale. A long-time Costco customer, I found myself yesterday, however, in an unfamiliar aisle where unrefrigerated bottled juices and other such items reside.

Given the current economic situation, there’s talk of storing food and water, candles and such, and though not an alarmist by any means, I’ve been picking up an item or two occasionally, just because it makes sense to me to be prepared.

What I’m saying is, I have in my garage my CAR, not a warehouse of food! That said, I’m mindful of a saying I learned from my husband and teacher Lawrence West, who taught me, “Intelligence is the ability to predict consequences.”

So there I was in that aisle, standing with my hands on the cart handle, staring at a bottle of juice with Paul Newman’s face on it. I didn’t care about the juice singulair tablet. I was looking at his face. It was like he was saying something.

Why I felt compelled to stand there for more than a moment I didn’t know nor did I question it. I just stood there, looking at his face on the label of a bottle of cranberry juice.

Did you know the Newman brand “Newman’s Own” donates all profits to charities? I read that this is a sum to date of over $250 million dollars donated.

After a time, I became un-transfixed from staring at Paul Newman’s face, and I started walking again.

As I pushed my cart down the aisle, I remembered that very recently there had been news about Paul Newman possibly being gravely ill with cancer, and I thought, “I wonder how he’s doing? I haven’t heard any more about him in quite a while.”

And that is where things remained until this morning when I checked the Internet, as I always do, and discovered that Paul Newman had passed away yesterday from cancer.

My first response was to feel so sad, and I still do. He was a good man. And he gave a lot, all the while wanting zero glory for it.

At some point later I thought back to my experience of yesterday and suddenly realized why I might have been standing there for so long, looking at Paul Newman’s face. I wonder if I was perhaps picking up on what had happened and was saying goodbye and thank you to him?

That question is irrelevant, but I do know that I appreciate Paul Newman’s contributions as a tremendous actor and philanthropist, and I send well wishes and condolences to his family.

Note: I just tried to visit the Newman’s Own website and found this message:

“Due to unusually high traffic, our full site is currently unavailable.”

I am sure there are so many millions of people trying to visit to say thank you that the site can’t handle all the traffic.

Farewell, Paul Newman. We ALL say thank you.

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