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How Do You View Your Destiny?

A very nice, thoughtful fellow, Ron Williams, from Australia, sent me a poem he wrote called “Destiny.” Thanks Ron.

Here it is-


‘Destiny’ is just a word
that’s bandied ’round a lot,
People use it far too much
as blame for what they’ve got.

Your future isn’t ‘set in stone’,
it isn’t ‘meant to be’,
Your future’s what you make of it,
it’s time for you to see.

For you to set your ‘Destiny’,
you first must know you can,
A ‘strategy’ will get you there,
for that you’ll need a ‘plan’.

A ‘plan’ is like a road map,
to show which route to take,
Just follow it along the way,
your life is what you’ll make.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me,
to make my future bright,
The ‘goals’ I’ve set for me are huge,
as big as day and night.

My ‘goals’ are written down my friend,
I read them when I can,
And that means every single day,
so I can work my plan.

There’s lots of little ‘goals’ in there,
that I achieve with ease,
They serve to get me to the point,
where I do what I please.

I’m not far off achieving all,
I once set out for me,
And that my friend has told you how,
to set your ‘Destiny’.

©Ron Williams 2004