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Did you know that when someone feels guilty about something, they tend to become very critical of other people?

Being critical is a quick and easy smokescreen and a distractor. As long as the person can criticize someone else, that’s where their attention is focused. The act of criticizing is the distraction, and then they don’t have to confront what they have done or not done that they feel guilty about. It’s very convenient!

And the ratio is, the louder and more harsh the criticism, the more intense the guilt in the criticizer.

An easy way to eliminate this is to have a clean clear conscience. If you have a clean clear conscience, criticism from others will roll off your back. You don’t feel guilty, you don’t question yourself, you have self-esteem, and you know they are wrong in what they’re saying about you, so it doesn’t matter. You give it no credence.

On the other side of it, an easy way to get a critical person to stop criticizing is to …. right! Get that person to clear his or her conscience!!

It’s easy to recognize this concept because we’ve all manifested it at one time or another. Just think of a time you were upset with yourself and you felt guilty for something, and you’ll probably see that you took off on someone else with a barrage of negative spewing, or anger, indignation, etc.

And it may not be something that intense – a mean-spirited thought passing quickly through your mind counts too!

Sad but true, it makes us feel good. Yes, we feel very righteous indeed. The subtle thought is, “Look what you’ve done! And keep busy with that so you don’t notice what I’ve done! And I won’t have to look at what I’ve done either!” It’s human nature.

But here’s the good news – news you already know. We are capable of changing, of transcending human nature.

It may not always be easy or fast to resolve but give it a try.

Get your conscience clean and clear. You will feel re-born.

The present will be a joy and the future will look BRIGHT!

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