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Easy Ways to Reduce Stress & Increase Holiday Harmony!

The Holiday Season is here, a time of fun and joy! But it can also be stressful and lose some of its charm in a hurry. What is the solution to minimizing holiday stress and maximizing holiday harmony? Here are some great ideas!


Some of these will be familiar and good reminders; others innovative and perhaps surprising.

1. Happy Food for the Body – Have food that is clean in every sense. No preservatives, not from a can or plastic bag, etc. Nutritious. Doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, aspartame, or other artificial ingredients. When you ingest it, you hear your body say to you, Thank you! and it gives you a big smile.

2. Water – Can’t underestimate this one. They say you can be dehydrated long before you actually feel thirsty. Believe it or not, some bottled waters actually have some form of salt in them!! Check labels.

3. Rest – Simple. Give the body enough rest, don’t run it ragged. A body running on caffeine, sugar, or adrenaline could eventually blow out its immune system. If you chronically don’t give it enough rest the body could go out of commission, just to MAKE you stop and rest. Your body WANTS to support you in what you want to accomplish. An acknowledged body is a happy body!

4. Exercise – Walk. Outside or around the house. Dance. Do Yoga. Move the body. Take 5 minutes, or 10 or 20. Do what feels good. Just get moving. It works.

5. Slow down – We hurry because we’re behind and feel stressed. The irony is, hurrying causes more stress! So deliberately do something at an unusually slow pace. Walk, talk, chew, whatever. As slow as you can stand it. Do this for 1 or 2 minutes. You’ll be amazed!

6. Laugh – Hard to laugh when you’re stressed out? OK then, get a funny movie. Not a movie where they make fun of people! Also you could join a Laughter Club – fun! (also see p. 192 of A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink).

7. Connect with Your Environment – Be Present. Notice things around you. Simple things: “I see that lamp over there. There’s a desk. I spot the calendar. I feel the floor under my feet.” Even better – walk around and touch & let go of the objects you notice. Do this for a few minutes or longer. Amazing results.

8. Thank Your Body – Say thank you to your body. Imagine that it is receiving the gratitude you’re sending to it. Thank all the cells. The body has 300 trillion cells, according to Deepak Chopra. Good thing you can thank them all at once!

Share these great tips with friends & family and increase holiday cheer!