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Cinderella Story Continues – Tampa Bay Rays Make it to World Series!

The Cinderella Story continues!

And you know, in this world, the way it’s going at the moment, a good Cinderella Story is a welcome relief!

This all started back in July when I realized the Major League Baseball Team, known as the “Tampa Bay Devil Rays” for its 10-year history, had decided to drop the word “devil” from the team name for its 11th season – 2008. See my July 6 post A rose by any other name?

That was July and by October the Tampa Bay Rays were in the playoffs, which meant they had a chance to make it to the ultimate championship, the World Series!

I had a great time following along, reporting to you the latest developments – see my posts: October 9 October 15

Well, these “Boys of Summer” have become affectionately known by now as simply The Rays – hmmm – Rays of Light instead of Devil Rays ?? Interesting transformation!

So here’s the latest, in case you haven’t heard! Last night the Rays beat the Boston Red Sox and those Rays are going to the World Series! They made it. They did it!

And I heard team member Carlos Pena say that the best part was that they could do it together because, he said clearly and emphatically, “We are family.”

So the American League Champs, the Tampa Bay Rays, will be playing the National League Champs, the Philadelphia Phillies, in the World Series, starting Wednesday, October 22. Will prove to be a great series, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, enjoy this photo – it speaks volumes

Congrats to a unified Team who wouldn’t – and didn’t – give up!

Picture 10-6

Short video of the celebration:

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