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Applaud All Your Goals – They Support Your Purpose!

One of the pitfalls in goal-setting is to think of goals you want to go for and then instantly belittling them, seeing them as not good enough, not important enough, not big enough, etc.

This is a trap that instantly limits YOU.

It limits what you BE.

It limits what you DO.

It limits what you HAVE.

It limits what you ACHIEVE.

Limiting yourself is out of integrity. It does not honor who you are and what you are capable of.

All your goals, no matter their magnitude, can support your purpose in life.

When your purpose and your goals align, MAGIC HAPPENS!

Don’t let anyone tell you that your goals are too small. Nonsense!

Applaud your goals. They are ALL important!

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2 Responses

  1. Tai

    That’s very helpful, Jayne. Thank you. Sometimes my thought tends to compare my goals with someone else’s goals, so it’s great realization for me not to get into that trap. I’ll keep my focus in the North Star=)

  2. Atsuko

    Thank you for putting on the video! “Your purpose is your north star.” “Goals are measurable.” You taught me these things before but I almost forgot that.

    I just wrote down my purposes on my note so I won’t get lost!