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A rose by any other name?

A Major League baseball team recently changed its name by removing the word “devil” — they changed the name from Tampa Bay Devil Rays to Tampa Bay Rays, and now they are having the best season in the history of the team!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Tampa Bay Rays show no signs of cooling down after a hot first half singulair cost. One could argue that the success of the Rays, who seem to set franchise records every week, is due to a young core of players, a revitalized offense, a players’ manager in Joe Maddon or a dependable bullpen. I’m here to argue that it should be attributed to none of those things. Clearly, the Rays’ turnaround from 10 consecutive seasons of 70 or fewer wins is because the word “Devil” was removed from the team’s name. With the best record in baseball at the midway point, Tampa Bay could be headed toward induction in the Franchise Name Change Hall of Fame. – By Tom McKean, ESPN Research

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