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    “I wrote the business plan for Rich Dad Poor Dad and my board game, Cashflow, at a two-day goal setting workshop with Jayne Johnson, in January of 1996. Without Jayne’s goal setting technology, I doubt if Rich Dad Poor Dad would have become as successful as it is today. That two-day work shop has made me millions of dollars, over and over again.

    Robert Kiyosaki, Author - Rich Dad Poor Dad

    SalesDogs1“I have worked with Jayne for many years. Yet when I took her Goals workshop I experienced a series of processes that I had never seen before that completely shifted my priorities, my goals and clarified my vision.
    Since taking her program, our business has increased its normal revenue for the same period by over 387%! My staff and associates are all on the same page and we are firing on all cylinders. It’s as if someone took off the brake that I didn’t even know was there.
    It’s not like any goals workshop you will ever see.”

    Blair Singer, Author - Sales Dogs

    “In January 1996, our family participated in Jayne’s Goals Workshop. Four years ago I won my first PGA Tour Event and finished in the Top 60 of the PGA Money List. I know the clarity received from the Goals Workshop and the Clearing I have done has enabled me to have this success.”

    J.L. Lewis, Pro Golfer and PGA Tournament Winner


    Have You Ever Thought…..

    Want to achieve your dream faster?
    You have no idea how to break through the obstacle and change your situation now?
    Do you desire a opportunity to change?
    Do you feel powerless when you meet obstacle?
    In some specific situation, some strong emotion will show up?
    Something is holding you, but you don't know what is it?
    Sometimes you will feel unhappy with no reason?


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    Who is Jayne Johnson


    Jayne Johnson began her studies and quest for knowledge about Life in 1971. Her interest in Self-improvement, philosophy, religion, spirituality, communication, goals, relationships, business and finance, among many other topics, has led her on a unique journey of discovery.

    Jayne’s perspective is that practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom have many sources and over 33 years has studied a wide variety of resources, including the works of Napoleon Hill, Deepak Chopra, Joseph Campbell, R. Buckminster Fuller, Wayne Dyer, Paul Brenner, M.D., Marianne Williamson, Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker, and Earl Nightingale, to name just a few.

    In addition to personal consultations for thousands of individuals from all walks of life, she has also presented seminars for groups such as Prudential and Vignette, and herGoals Workshops have helped people from all over the world to achieve their goals.

    Jayne has worked with Robert Kiyosaki for many years and admires the powerful contributions he is making through his Rich Dad’s books, CashFlow game, and seminars. By sharing his vast knowledge, he is helping millions of people improve their lives.

    Jayne feels that the more knowledge she can acquire and share, the more she is able to fulfill her purpose to empower others in achieving their dreams and aspirations.

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    Why People can’t get what they want because they don’t know…

    We are spiritual beings – we have a body and a mind but spiritual beings is who we ARE

    We have unlimited power

    We have unlimited knowledge

    The programming in our subconscious minds is the only real obstacle to having success, happiness, peace, love, prosperity, etc etc, in our lives

    The programming in our subconscious minds can be cleared (quickly and easily) so that none of it has any effect on us and then we can use our true power and knowledge to create the life we want

    You can have anything you want in any area…

    The real truth is that you will get out of it the results that you wants and/or needs. There is no limit as to what results you might get – and that’s because this program transforms and expands your CONTEXT. When you achieve that, your ability to create the CONTENT they desire is easy.

    “Clearing is Precessional.”

    You can and you deserve to have anything you want/need in any area.


    Clearing is Precessional

    Improved Relationships

    Few people understand that when one begins to make contact with another person, place, subject, or thing, an exact series of actions comes into being.

    Clearing helps you to remove all the garbage between you and others, then your relationship will be much closer.

    More Connected to the Gold Zone

    You are outside of the physical universe.

    You will know how to operate the law of attraction to be in the Gold Magic Zone.

    Increased Self-Esteem

    Nothing can stop you, you will have more confidence in any area.

    The obstacle between you and your goal will never big anymore.


    You will feel free, the weight on your shoulder will disappear.

    Be who you want to be, do what you want to do.

    Purpose is Spiritual Expansion

    Abundance & Prosperity

    When we clean all the garbage in our mind, the vacancy can be filled by anything we want.

    By the appropriate steps, abundance and prosperity will be full in our life.

    Peace of mind

    Emotion comes from the memory of some specific event.

    After the process, the event was still there, but your mind will be peaceful.

    Personal Power

    Tired of something holding you back?

    Aware it, clean it, get back the personal power that you already have.

    Improved Health

    DO you know the emotion will affect our body health?

    Change the way you think about yourself.

    Learn why being healthy has more to do with who you are than what you do.

    More Success Stories

    “On my plane flight home from Blair Singer’s Master Facilitator Program recently, I discovered Jayne Johnson’s Goals to Greatness talk on my iPod. Listening to it again was just an unbelievable experience – it really kicked me up a notch! Concise, useful and inspiring information that anyone can use to improve all areas of their lives. Thank you again for this valuable information, and thank you, Jayne, for being who you are!”
    – Kevin Hocker, The Success Compass.

    “This is a quick note to say a personal Thank You now that I have completed traveling and am back on deck. I wanted to let you know that it was very moving and beneficial for me, I know I have gained a huge amount from your workshop and session and am already feeling both clearer in my thoughts and more positive. I look forward to seeing you again some time in the near future, and wish you all the best in all that you are doing. Thanks.”
    – N.E., UK

    “When I began Clearing I was hoping to solve two big life issues: money and relationships. For years I had struggled with both of these, to no avail. Small, then bigger wins showed up for me almost immediately, once I began Clearing. The money kept showing up, like a miracle! Today my money situation has never been better, and is still improving. I have a relationship better than I could have ever imagined. I’m a walking testimony of the miracles created by Clearing – through Jayne! Thank you!!”
    – Vickie Karp – CRS, Keller Williams Realty

    “I wanted to take a moment this morning and thank you for the seminar this past weekend. I have taken away so much and I feel that I now know my direction and can implement my process. Thank you.”
    – Kathy Grady, Phoenix, AZ