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by Jayne Johnson

To accomplish your goals and realize your optimum visions, there has to be space in which they can manifest. Below are some ideas to help you make more space.



1) Your optimum Dreams and Aspirations fully envisioned in the physical universe. This includes the state of yours and others’ objects, wealth, resources, income, friends, mood levels, expansion, position in society, happiness and success. It is a complete holographic image which optimumly focuses your force into the mind and then body to manifest your Dreams and Aspirations in the physical universe. 2) A complete visualization of how everything will be, once all the steps are completed and the goal is achieved. –Alan C. Walter, from his Knowledgism Dictionary

These definitions are incredibly powerful, and the more fully you understand them, the more they will empower you, so you may want to stop for a moment –

Take a look at each word in the definitions as a single unit and determine how well you understand each. A good test is – if you had to tell someone what a word means without using a dictionary, how well could you define it?

Such key words as optimum, dream, wealth, resources, force, mind, body, holographic, manifest, and visualization are particularly important.

However, you could actually start by thoroughly defining the first word, “YOUR” !

Why take time for such a simple word?

Those of you who’ve done my Goals Workshop know that I share at some length about unconsciously and mistakenly “owning” something that is not really yours. An example could be a goal your parents or a teacher or friend had for you that you took on (owned), when in fact it was “theirs,” not yours! When you truly understand the words your and yours, you minimize the chance to make that mistake again!

So, at first glance, it may sound silly or like a waste of time to look up simple words. We take it for granted that we know them. For the most part, we do know them. The question is, to what extent?

Words that you “sort of” know can stop you in your tracks, so don’t pass them by; in fact, if you hauled out the dictionary and looked up every word in the definitions of optimum vision, the new knowledge would greatly expand your context as well as your content. It would change your life!

[To read more about the value of defining words, see the articles called “ENRICH YOUR VOCABULARY AND YOUR LIFE!” and “AWARENESS AND COMMUNICATION” on my web site].


There is not much point or value in making space if its purpose and usefulness are unknown. In fact, it can be detrimental.

Consider the idea that space is a vacuum. Either you deliberately and consciously put something in it, or the space will suck something into it, and that something may not be exactly what you wanted! So, it’s far better to be in control by first knowingly CREATING THE SPACE, and then knowingly PUTTING WHAT YOU WANT into the space that you created.

With a clear understanding of optimum vision, you can begin to consider what your own optimum visions are, so you can fill those spaces with what you want.

The bonus is, once you know what your own optimum visions, you now have more passion, enthusiasm AND clarity for the next step, which is to make space for your optimum visions to manifest.



Clean Up & Clear Up Your Physical Environment

Cluttered closets, messy desks or filing cabinets, dishes in the sink, and garages filled with junk are just some of the areas on which you can direct your attention. Who is not encumbered by some or all of these things?! In today’s busy world, there is more to do than ever. The physical stuff often gets put on the back burner.

Putting order into a physical area of disarray or outright chaos changes what you literally SEE with your eyes every day. A space that is ordered and neat is a joy to view! And a space that is messy presents an ugly picture, one we tend to avoid looking at. That can lead to avoiding an entire area – then nothing gets done in that area!

Confront the messes and clean them up, and/or get help in cleaning them up, and your life will change dramatically. A neat environment makes you feel good and allows you to invest your life-force particles elsewhere.

Assess your physical environments and make a list of what needs some order.

Once you have your list, consider each item. In the process you may find that some items you initially thought had to be done are actually old ideas you once had. Some time in the past they were important but as you look at them in the present, you see that they truly don’t need to be done. Chuck them out, cross them off the list!

Take the remaining items on your list, prioritize them, and then get them handled. Do them yourself or hire someone else to do them. Give yourself time. It doesn’t all have to be done today. You will feel better just by starting the process.

There is a portion of the subconscious mind that seems to be attracted to disorder and chaos and does its best to maintain it. Just by starting to put your physical life in order, you are asserting that YOU are taking control.

STRATEGY IDEA: I have a friend who wanted to neaten up his home environment. He asked a friend of his to come to his home and just SIT THERE while he did all the work! All she had to do was be there in the space. How did that help? Her intention to support him, her life-force particles, and her alignment with his optimum vision of what he wanted his home to look like, all contributed to his own energy, life-force particles and optimum vision! In a word, it’s called “TEAM.” And it illustrates that fundamentally, power (“The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively”) comes from BEING. The “doing” and the “having” just naturally follow, with ease.


Clean Up & Clear Up Your Mental Environment

Space actually starts in the non-physical. A cluttered mind, full of incomplete and jumbled “To-Do” lists, confusion, incomplete communications, and lacking sufficient knowledge and education, are just some examples of the things in your mental environment that can hold you back.

Assess your mental environment. Identify those areas that require communication completions, clarity, organization, more knowledge, etc., and determine what you need to do to clean them up. Then get started. Again, just starting will make you feel better and give you a huge boost in life-force particles.

STRATEGY IDEA: Get help from someone who is an expert at organizing. Do you have a friend whose home, office, car, et al, is always spotless? Who is always on time, keeps an appointment book/calendar up-to-date, sets goals every day, and has “To-Do” lists that keep changing because they get most of the items on the list done quickly? That’s your helper right there!


Clean Up and Clear Up Your Emotional Environment

Your emotional environment is also part of the non-physical realm, and cleaning and clearing it up is incredibly empowering.

Grief, sadness, anger, frustration, and depression are just some of the many emotions that can descend on you and ruin your day. Let’s face it, they can ruin your whole life.

Clearing them up creates more space, not only in your emotional environment, but also in your physical and mental environments.

Following my workshops or one-on-one sessions, people so often tell me how busy they’ve been cleaning up their house, garage, desk, etc. They are enthused – outright ecstatic – and feel so empowered by what they’ve already accomplished that they just know they’re going to continue until everything is in good order. And that makes them feel even better!

It all makes perfect sense when you look at emotion as energy in motion: E-motion.

From the works of Alan C. Walter:

“E-Motion means the amount of effort it takes the spirit to cause something to move. The more in motion, the less effort, the higher the mood.”

“A mood is composed of life-force particles, impulsed at different speeds which create different moods.”

This is incredibly valuable information, and I thank Alan for his genius. Emotion is energy in motion. The more a person is in motion, the higher the mood. Take a moment to reflect on some past experiences in which you were in a high degree of motion. What was your mood?

What Alan is also saying is that different moods have different speeds. If you think of a time you felt happy, you can feel the “speed” or energy vibration as higher than a time when you felt depressed, when the vibration was slower. When depressed, for example, there is often the inclination to go to bed and hide under the covers! When feeling happy, the tendency is to want to go out and DO something!

So emotion is directly related to how much you can get done, and that ties into how much space you have.

STRATEGY IDEA: Get help from someone, ideally someone who is masterfully educated and trained. The mind seems to have defense mechanisms designed to keep you from accessing emotional areas that are potentially painful. The idea is to save you from getting upset, and it’s very good at that, even if you don’t particularly want saving! Asking yourself questions such as, “Why do I do this?” or “I wonder what makes me feel this way?” can introvert your attention and cause you to stop. To be stopped is another way of saying that the speed of your life-force particles has been slowed down to a standstill. A team of two helps to overcome those mechanisms so you can get at what is stopping you and get moving again.


To create space, you can start by determining what is taking up your space non-optimumly and getting it handled. The actions mentioned above are intended to help.

The context for all those actions is simply the Freeing of trapped Life-force particles.

Life-force particles are bits of energy, pieces of you, that are the fuel you use to be, do and have all you want in your life.

They can get trapped in a messy environment, a disordered mind, and negative emotions. You could say that trapped life-force particles take up space, space you could be using to create the life you want.

When you focus on and act toward the freeing of trapped life-force particles, you are propelling yourself down the Road of Success!