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by Jayne Johnson

LIFE-FORCE PARTICLES: The basic force in the universe is life force, and particles are small pieces, bits, fragments, or parts of a whole. Life-Force Particles then can be defined as fragments of the life force known as you. Therefore, your power is determined by the quantity of life-force particles you have available.

– Knowledgism Dictionary, by Alan C. Walter

The basis of stress is a lack of life-force particles. The amount of success you have in any given endeavor is also correlative to the amount of life-force particles you have available.

So, a good question would be, how do I increase the amount of life-force particles I have available?

There are a number of easy, simple and practical things you can do to increase your life-force particles.

Life-force particles are bits of energy that, in a sense, are bits of you. It’s your energy. Life-force particles are the fuel, the energy, you use to make things happen, to create exactly what you want in your life. The amount of stress you have and the amount of success you have are both correlative to the amount of life-force particles you have at your disposal at any given time, and that amount varies, depending on numerous factors.

The information in this article is intended to support you in being in control of the amount of life-force particles and in having an abundance, rather than sitting in a “waiting mode” and hoping the stress will go away or that you will have the success you desire.


You wouldn’t jump in your car with its fuel gauge on “E” and expect to get very far. It’s the same idea with life-force particles. They are your fuel. Have you ever heard someone say they were “running on fumes”? They may have been referring to the amount of gasoline/petrol in their car’s tank, to the amount of physical energy in their body’s tank, or to the amount of life force energy in their spiritual tank.

In any one of those, the context is the same – running on fumes is a type of scarcity. There is a scarcity of energy with which to take action. A lack of life-force particles can lead to feeling engulfed, i.e., you feel smaller than, rather than larger than, the thing you are looking at, addressing, working on, striving towards. And that is a set-up for both stress and a lack of success.


Many people don’t realize that there are life-force particles tied up in past memories that are traumatic in nature. Anything that happened to you in the past, be it 30 years ago or yesterday, contains life-force particles that are trapped and unavailable for you to use. Worse than just being unavailable, they at times can get triggered, at which times they actually have a negative influence in your present life.

One could accurately say that the purpose of Clearing is to free trapped life-force particles and bring them from the past to the present; simultaneously, they are converted from negative to positive and become available for you to use immediately.

A person who has just had a Clearing session will often say, “I feel bigger” or “I feel more powerful” or “I feel lighter,” etc. Those are accurate statements because they now have a great deal more positive life-force particles than they had before. They have more fuel with which to be, do and have what they want.

The purpose of this article is to offer to you, A) a general understanding of life-force particles, and B) to provide you with some simple and practical ways to increase your life-force particles immediately, and on your own.

All of the steps listed are suggestions, not “musts,” nor are they intended to be taken to the extreme. The key words are flexibility and gradient. Even a slight change, a slight improvement, will produce benefit for you. The value of these simple, practical steps cannot be overestimated. They can make a huge difference.

So let’s get to the SEVEN PRACTICAL STEPS…

1. Eat Healthfully and Nutritionally

As simple as it is, this is one of the most workable ways to quickly and easily increase your life-force particles. Body, mind, emotion and spirit – these relate to each other and influence each other. All of them, strengthened, aligned and in harmony, produce the most fuel, the most power, the most life-force particles. Yet, it’s all too easy to skip a meal, overeat, eat fast food, eat junk food, overdo on the sugar, the caffeine, etc. Alcohol is a major life-force particles robber too.

This suggestion, like the others to follow, is a generality and merely an invitation to look at your habits. If you think it’s necessary to change them, it works best to have a light attitude about it and make changes gradually, being gentle with yourself, rather than going overboard. Thoughts like, “Now I have to be a saint and eat only healthy foods and I can never have candy or a cappuccino” or “Now I can’t enjoy my glass of wine with dinner ever again?!” are extreme, put the pressure on (add more stress) and are set-ups for guilt. Better to set lighter gradient goals that you know you can easily accomplish.

2. Get Enough Sleep/Rest the Body Properly

As above in regard to food, the body also needs a sufficient amount of rest to function properly. The go-go-go faster and do-do-do more modus operandi of today’s society can create a pressure that can cause you to “do” instead of rest, or to have a difficult time getting to a place of serenity in which you can get a thorough rest. Do your best to get enough sleep so that you feel well-rested, not just the amount that keeps you going. A person will often go for days or weeks not getting enough sleep and then choose one night to try and catch up on it all. In most cases this doesn’t work. Sufficient sleep over a consistent period of time, however, will definitely increase your positive life-force particles.

3. Exercise

Exercise on a regular basis. This step is probably the least popular. Just the word “exercise” usually makes people groan! Do the best you can with it. Don’t force yourself – do something you really enjoy doing and keep it light. Besides the obvious value, exercise also puts your attention outward toward the environment, rather than inward, on what you are thinking. Exercise gives you a break from thinking. Another factor – most people feel guilt if they don’t exercise and very proud of themselves when they do. Exercising typically raises self-esteem, which in itself brings in more life-force particles.

4. Spend More Time with People Who Support You

Every person has life-force particles, and there is a definite quality to them, as well as quantity. Positive and negative is the black-and-white way of looking at them, but it is actually more like a scale from low to high, with infinite increments. People who support you are, in one way or another, communicating that they are willing to use some of their life-force particles to help you get what you want. People who do not support you, or who openly or covertly try to drag you down, are essentially communicating that they will not share any of their life-force particles with you, or worse, that they use their life-force particles to deter you from achieving what you want. If you feel in a quandary about who supports and who doesn’t, it boils down to who says “yes, you can do it!” and who gives you reasons why you can’t do it? If you spend time with people who support you, with the intention to share life-force particles and use them constructively to help each other, it is win/win because each person involved is even more empowered and has yet that much more to give. In fact, that is the very essence of a winning team. That level of play, maintained, creates an upward spiral of more and more power for everyone.

5. Spend More Time in Positive Activities

Watching upsetting TV shows or movies, for example, may cause you to feel upset or dejected when you otherwise would feel happy and peaceful. Movies, TV shows, newspapers, magazines – all the media – offer choices. There are sad TV shows, violent movies, depressing news, etc., and there are positive and uplifting shows, newspaper and magazine articles, etc. We are free to choose but most people don’t realize that the negative-type things we watch or read can quickly drain the life-force particles right out of us. You can prove it to yourself – just compare the difference in how you feel.

6. Spend More Time in Positive Environments

The information in Step 5 about Positive Activities also applies to Positive Environments. This could be as simple as noticing which retail stores make you feel good when you walk in, and which bring you down; whose home or space brings you up and whose brings you down?

Steps 4, 5 and 6 require the ability to observe how you feel when with a particular person, doing a specific activity or in a specific environment. It’s easy, once you get into the habit of noticing the effect different people, activities and places have on you.

Most people do notice but then immediately talk themselves out of it –


“Joe’s business partner does nothing but complain and gossip about other people but… I know he had a bad childhood and can’t help the way he is.”

“My mother always criticizes me. To her, I can’t do anything right or good enough but… I know she means well, and she is my mother, after all.”

“This movie is so violent and scary… but I have to see what happens so I’ll keep watching.”

“Sure the news is depressing but… I have to know what’s going on in the world.”

“I always have trouble when I come into this store… but it’s closest to my house. Why should I drive farther?”

“My sister’s house is always a mess, she lets her kids run wild, and the dog always barks at me and jumps on me and ruins my clothes. I never want to stay more than a few minutes but… it’s her birthday party. I have to go, and I have to stay until the end. I’ll just wear something I don’t care about. That will handle the dog, at least!”

It’s not that these types of thoughts are flat-out wrong; it’s that the person just doesn’t realize that they are paying a price for buying into those thoughts and sacrificing their own life-force particles.

7. Keep Your Integrity Intact

When a person does something he or she knows is not in alignment with his or her own integrity, it launches an entire scenario that begins with guilt, then lowered self-esteem, and can end with self-inflicted punishment, be it consciously or unconsciously. The general nature of human beings is to like themselves less if they have done something wrong, then feel guilty, and then punish themselves for it. The whole sequence, or any component of it, turns positive life-force particles into negative ones, in the blink of an eye. There is nothing like being honest and ethical to increase your self-esteem and thereby, your life-force particles.

Essentially, any person, activity, place, or thing that supports and enhances the quality of your life increases life-force particles. If you want a boost in life-force particles, a boost in horsepower, do one or more of the above.

Life-force particles are like money –

how you invest them will determine your return on investment!